Outdoor Trends in Southeastern CT Real Estate This Year

landscaped-garden-summer-scenic-view-wooden-table-chair-foreground-34268339Spring has just about sprung in Southeastern Connecticut— or at least, it’s preparing to anyway. Many homeowners with luxury homes in Mystic, Niantic, Old Saybrook, East Lyme are beginning to think warm weather thoughts and how they can spruce up their outdoor spaces. Now is the time to begin perusing outdoor living trends to live the good life even better than you did last year.

For Southeastern CT real estate, many homebuyers are also looking for the outdoor living factor— decks, patios, gardens and more. Does your home have these common Southeastern CT homebuyer desires? If not, and if you’re planning to sell your home soon, you may want to consider adding these features to your properties in Connecticut to boost the appeal to homebuyer tastes.

In a recent study, the American Society of Landscape Architects surveyed nearly 180 landscape architects and asked them to rate the proposed popularity of a select variety of residential outdoor elements this year. Think gardens, grills, fireplaces, and spas.

According to Realtor.com, across all categories of these outdoor elements, “respondents rated the following as “somewhat” or “very in-demand” for 2014: lighting, seating/dining areas; fire pits/fireplaces; grills; installed seating, such as benches, seatwalls, ledges, steps, and boulders.”

“Home owners know that designed landscapes add value to their lives as well as their property values,” said the American Society of Landscape Architects’ executive vice president and CEO. “They’re interested in livable, open spaces that are both stylish and earth friendly.”

Below are the outdoor trends you can expect to see in luxury real estate in Southeastern CT this year. Let them help you plan your spring updates as a homeowner with waterfront or oceanfront homes or even provide insight into what will peak homebuyer interest during the big spring buying season.

Top Outdoor Design Elements

1. Gardens and landscaped spaces

2. Outdoor living spaces (including kitchens, entertainment spaces)

3. Outdoor recreation amenities (including pools, spas, tennis courts)

4. Sustainable design practices

Top Outdoor Living Features

1. Lighting

2. Seating/dining areas

3. Fire pits/fireplaces

4. Grills

Top Outdoor Recreation Amenities

1. Decorative water elements, such as ornamental pools, splash pools, waterfalls, grottos, water runnels, or bubblers

2. Spa features (including hot tub, Jacuzzi, whirlpools, indoor/outdoor sauna)

3. Swimming pools

4. Sports and recreational spaces (including tennis courts, bocce ball, etc…)

Top Outdoor Structures

1. Terraces and patios

2. Fencing (including gates)

3. Pergolas

4. Decks

Want more information about what’s hot this year in luxury real estate in Southeastern CT? Contact The Sullivan Group today chat about what you can expect from the housing market going forward as well as what homebuyers are interested in for the 2014 real estate year.

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